The wizard Otto summoner of Erwin the….

Here is my halfmen army wizard. He is a summoner of the army mascot Erwin. In real life Erwin is the mascot of the Schalke football club. As I said before Gelsenkirchen and Schalke are  the theme of my halfmen army, therefore a mascot has to be. This is the real Erwin:


Of course my Erwin will look a bit more menacing at last he is a army mascot and not one of a football club.

So here is Otto the wizard:



And his apprentice, little Carl ,keeper of the magic book of spells:

As you can see I used a black background for these pictures I think it works better then the white one . What do you think?

So when the summoning spell is cast who will be turning up? Erwin of course but who is Erwin……   More in the next days!





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