A Vietnamese hut

As the paint on the flight stand and the Hueys isn’t dry jet I thought I show you pictures of the next project. A vietnamese hut for a jungle village. As I got a 3D printer for x was I thought to use it to print a hut for my jungle terrain. Or a complete village? Not sure jet.

As I didn’t find an appropriate STL online I designed the hut myself using tinkercad.

Here are the pieces I designed:

Sorry forgot to take a picture of the roof.

Here are pictures of the printed version. Glued to a base.




I will post more pictures of the progress in the future. There is a smaller version without the veranda and a raised version for swamp settlements in the pipeline.

6 thoughts on “A Vietnamese hut

  1. Very nice work, I look forward to seeing this painted up. Another good reason to get myself a 3d printer. Must start tinkering with CAD programs.


    • As the printers themself get cheaper and cheaper , I would say yes, but there is a considerable time sink when you start designing your own files . The Filament you use to print is rather cheap. I would say that you will be cheaper then resin cast buildings. Not so sure with mdf ones.


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