The last of Dietrichs warriors for now

Here is the last of Dietrichs warriors for now.


Next Project will be building a Viking Knarr ship. Oposed to the famous longships these were shorter and wider ships used for trade and exploration . This ship type was probably used by the Vikings who settled on Iceland and went to the americas.

Dietrich von Schalke

Here is the army general of my halfmen army . I called him Dietrich von Schalke. As I have already said the complete halfmen army is painted in the colors of my favorite soccer club FC Schalke 04 . Blue and white. Some of the units are painted in the colors of different parts of the city of Gelsenkirchen , were Schalke is located, to give a bit of variety . So here is Dietrich on his trusty war goat . At his feet lies a defeated cobolt in yellow and black ( the colors of the BvB , main rival of Schalke) .


The kobold is also from Westfalia miniatures. I got 3 of them pre production to paint them up . This one was done by pressing a original figure into a heat sensible casting plastic ( you put the plastic piece into hot water , it gets soft then so you can press the object you want to duplicate into it. When cold again it gets rigid and you can pull out the object and put green stuff into it to get another cast).


The warriors of Dietrich von Schalke

After a longer hiatus, real life got in the way, here are the next finished miniatures in my Halfmen army. I started doing the first unit of Dietrich von Schalkes household units. A spear armed unit of twelve halfmen . Here is the first:


Hope you like him. More to come!