New Header pictures

I added a few more header pictures to my Blog. These are pictures of models and figures I painted over the last years:


A French napoleonic line infantry battalion. Figures by Victrix.


A French napoleonic Cuirassier Squadron . Figures by Perry.


Star trek spaceships. A heavy cruiser an old light destroyer a dreadnought a battle frigate and a destroyer ( from left to right). Models by Mongoose now Amarillo Design .


Two german halftracks. Models by Warlord. the left one is the new plastic one the right one is the older resin version.


A US Infantry squad of WWII Battle of the Bulge. Figures by Warlord ( old metal ones sculpted by Paul Hicks).

All the above Models and figures are 28mm scale except the Star Trek ones. I will add more pictures of my WWII, napoleonic and other collections over the next time.

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