A door gunner for my Huey

Over a year ago I printed a Huey with my 3d resin printer. You can read more about this here. Alas I didn’t have any door gunners. Now I got a few door gunners from Empress miniatures, sculpted by Paul Hicks.

1st gunner callsign “Banzai”
2nd gunner “ACE”

And both in the 1/50 printed Huey. I think they work really nice in an 1/50 ship but also in a 1/48 one. Have a look here

A new Hue model in plastic from Rubicon

Rubicon writes on facebook: Our “New Project of the Month” for December 2020… the Bell UH-1 Iroquois “Huey”. Another FIRST for Rubicon Models – something that is airborne! This will be a multi-sprue plastic kit in 1/56 scale covering the UH-1D and UH-1H variant. Final features are not confirmed but will include full interior, stretcher variant, and multiple weapon system support. That sounds really good and the renders look really promising:

That is a model to really look forward too. If it is done in the usual quality of the rubicon models this will be brilliant!

Huey painting started

I starrtet to paint the 2 Hueys I printed. One as a medevac/dustoff chopper the other as a slick.



As you can see I used white decal paper. Not a good choice for the letters in “MARINE” as I have to pint in the proper background again ,but i had no clear decal paper available. Have to order some more. But for the other decals it worked quite nicely.



The Bell UH-1C “Huey”

What is Vietnam wargaming without the iconic helicopters the US forces were using there. After painting up some Marines and NVA, VC figures I thought it would be time to build some choppers. The Marines used the UH-1C and the Sikorsky H34 during the first years of the conflict . I start with the UH-1C.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-04 um 07.58.40

As I got two 3d printers a resin and a filament printer I tried to print a Huey on both of them and wanted to find out which printer would do the better job.

Here are pictures of the filament printed Huey:


As you can see you can see the printing lines quite clearly. I didn’t like that very much and they would have shown after painting even more. So I printed one in resin:



I like that one much more. So I will work with the resin printed ones. I started printing a second one and built a flight stand out of an old car antenna:


The chopper will be attached with a magnet.

More to come