A door gunner for my Huey

Over a year ago I printed a Huey with my 3d resin printer. You can read more about this here. Alas I didn’t have any door gunners. Now I got a few door gunners from Empress miniatures, sculpted by Paul Hicks.

1st gunner callsign “Banzai”
2nd gunner “ACE”

And both in the 1/50 printed Huey. I think they work really nice in an 1/50 ship but also in a 1/48 one. Have a look here

Another “8 Ball”

As a brake in between painting lots of ANZACs I painted a crew chief for my Sikorsky H34. You can read more about the chopper model here and here. The crew chief figure is, like the pilots, an Empress Miniature sculpted by Paul Hicks.

Here is the crew chief before glueing the figure into the chopper:

And here he is in the chopper: