The Feldwebel ( Sergeant) of the 1st Gruppe, 1st Zug, 1st Germania Imperial Guard Regiment

Here is the last missing figure of the imperial guard unit I painted up. The Feldwebel (sergeant)


the head is from Anvil Industries, the helmet from an Eisenkern trooper the rest is from Games Workshop.

This is the last trooper

The last missing trooper of the first Gruppe. Now only the Feldwebel ( sergeant) of the Gruppe is missing.


Again the helmet is from an Eisenkern trooper the rest of the figure is Games Workshop.

The Vox operator of the 1st Gruppe

Here is the Vox operator, the coms officer, of the 1st Gruppe, 1st Zug, 1Kompanie of the 1st Germania I.G. rgt.


Now only the Feldwebel (Sergeant) and heavy weapons operator are missing to complete the unit.

First Gruppe of the 1stGermania I.G. Inf. Rgt.

Here is the first soldier ( Schütze) of the 1st Gruppe, 1st Zug , 1st Kompanie of the 1st Germania imperial Guard Regiment. The Germania System, home of the Galactic Knights space marine Chapter, consists of three habitable planets and one Death world. The planets are called Ruhr, Germania Prima, Germania Secunda and New Berlin. Ruhr is a forge world, Germania Prima is a death world, Germania Secunda is a agri world and New Berlin is a hive world. The 1st Germania Inf. Rgt. was raised on Germania secunda. The dialect spoken in the system is German. Of course High Gothic is the language of the Administratum of the System according to Imperial law.

The 1st Germania belongs to the so called “Landwehr” of the Germania System and is part of the Imperial Guard. There is a System defense force also wich is stationary in system in contrast to the Landwehr Rgt.s wich will be used anywhere in the Imperium of man. Most of the time the Landwehr operates in the same campaigns as ┬áthe Galactic knights .

Here is the first Sch├╝tze:


The 1st Germania is designated by the systems heraldic shield ( a black eagle on yellow). As used by the Galactic Knights, too. on the right shoulder pad there is a colors field ( in this case red for the first Zug [Platoon]), showing a white I as designation of the first Gruppe ( squad) of the platoon.

The figure is a Games Workshop Cadian trooper with a Anvil Industry head and a Eisenkern troopers helmet. The heraldic device is a selfmade decal the rest is freehand.