The diggers get a second rifle group

Here is the start of my second rifle group for my ANZAC project. Again an Empress Miniatures figure sculpted by Paul Hicks. Many of you asked about the color palette I use on these. So here it is.

Page from my scrapbook

So above you see how I remember the paints I use. In this case you see a printout of a Flames of war painting advice published for there 15mm figures. I don’t use their color palette but it is easier to write up mine. I don’t do that always like this. So the palette I use. All colors are GW contrast colors. For the uniform it is a mixture of 1 part Skeleton Horde and 3 parts Plagbearer flesh, no contrast medium added. I paint two layers of this. For the skin use Gulliman flesh thinned 50/50 with contrast medium one layer only. For the webbing I use two different colors to get a bit variety into my figures. First is Militarium green without contrast medium added. Second is Agaros Dunes also without adding contrast medium.For the boots I use Cygor Brown. For the rope and the first aid kits I use Nazdreg Yellow. The gun, grenades hair etc I don’t use contrast colors . Instead I use the traditional layering technique with Vallejo paints. For the grenades e.g. I use German Uniform . I hope that helps a bit.

Here are some more pictures of the figure I finished yesterday:

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