8 thoughts on “Mr Charlie

  1. Looking good, and thanks for sharing your work. Can I ask how the contrast paints work if you try to put a wash over the top? I tend to add washes to delineate edges and add depth, and I’m curious how they would work together.


    • I use a base coat over the complete figure. In this case Vallejo light ocre. Then I use the contrast colors. They work like a wash so run into the recesses and give shadow and light. By applying several coats of the same shade you can get opaque finishes or more richer colors. By using different base coats you creat even more different contrast color effects. When painting afro american US Marines I use a chocolate brown by Vallejo and add the black Contrast color to that. The more leyers of contrast color you use the darker the skin tone gets then. Hope that helps.


      • Thanks for that. I was wondering about applying a wash over the contrast paints. So I generally prime, base coat, wash, highlight, and I wondered if it would be possible to do prime, contrast colour and wash instead.


  2. Lovely work.

    Vietnam is a conflict that has always fascinated me and horrified me in equal measure. Perhaps it’s the fact that it is relatively recent.

    I played in some excellent games at SESWC in Edinburgh where extra ‘victory’ points were awarded for the person who came out with the most quotes from Vietnam movies! LOL My mouth was going like the clappers so I managed to stack up quite a number of victory points despite being wiped of the face of the earth lol. Great times :>)

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