Shieldmaiden Infantry boxed set

The Shieldmaiden Infantry boxed set is the second hard-plastic kit to be released by Shieldwolf Miniatures. This particular set was succesfully funded during the War is coming: Shieldmaidens Army Reboot Kickstarter in early 2016. Gathering more than $80.000 and backed by more than 550 backers, these miniature were put into production and are now almost ready to be delivered and released for retail. Shieldwolf Miniatures is always trying to improve the quality and detail of their miniatures so let’s take a look if they have managed to raise the bar on these new Shieldmaidens. This modular plastic kits contains 20 miniatures but you can kitbash 24 as there are more bodies than left arms included The full review can be found here. You will find many pictures of the individual sprues in the review. The set is very recommended for kit bashing etc. I will use them for my ongoing Game of Thrones kit bashes. I need some female Wildlings!



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