Flement Brax

House Brax of Hornvale is a noble house from the westerlands, among the chief bannermen of House Lannister of Casterly Rock. Their seat is Hornvale. I chose that house as a supporting house for my Lannister army. To tell the truth the figure of Flement Brax is one of the first test figures I did for my GoT project over 3 years ago.Ser Flement Brax, is the third son of the ruler of House Brax, Lord Andros Brax, Lord of Hornvale. Therefore the shield has the red bar at the top to depict his status as third son. The shield by the way is 3D ( The unicorns head was sculpted by me). As this took very long to achieve I switched to painting the heraldry on the shield as freehand on all the other figures.

So here he is: Ser Flement Brax


Here are some older pictures without the finished base:



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