First test on my gaming table

Yesterday I did the first test with my Thunderhawk on my gaming table. I test fitted the main wings, which are not completed yet. Furthermore I build a flying base from extruded polystyrene. The gunship is fitted to the stand with magnets so that different stands can be used too. When the gunship is finished it will also have retractable landing gear , which at the moment isn’t fitted yet.

FullSizeRender 31

Progress on the Thunderhawk gunship

Over the last week and the last weekend I did a bit more on my Thunderhawk gunship for my Galactic Knights Space Marine Chapter:

Above you see some more work done to the foreword section of the main hull.

The cockpit area is done. Now follows the addition of the foreword wings:

And the detailing of the aft hull and the main engine of the main hull:

When the last details are added to the left side of the main hull the next step will be detailing the main wings with the other two engines. Then the attack wings and the rest of the armament have to be done. After that adding all the rivets and other small detail. So watch this space for more updates.

The story of the Galactic Knights Space Marine Chapter


I have done a dedicated page for my DIY Space Marine Chapter here on my Blog. You will find information about the creation, homeworld, combat doctrine, organization, look, beliefs and geneseed here. I will add more information and short stories about my chapter as time permits.


Bruder Heinzfried


This is Bruder Heinzfried of the Hellblaster Gruppe of the 1st Zug 2nd Gefechtskompanie Galactic Knights Space Marines.

Here is another bit of fluff about the Galactic Knights Space Marines, this time about there beliefs :


 The founding members of the Galactic Knights of the Ordo Teutonicus came from Terra as explained earlier. They believe in a deity which is long forgotten by the rest of humanity. The rites of the Chapter are very obscure and only a very small inner circle knows about these in the 40.000 milenia. This inner circle consists of the Hochmeister and the rest of the Chapter headquarter as well as the members of the 1st Gefechtskompanie. What is known is that the brothers of the Galactic knights go into battle chanting:” In hoc signo vinces” The Priesterbruders are keeping up the rites.

The most important for all chapter members is the protection of Humanity, the Emperor and the founding Hochmeister Heinrich. The remains of Hochmeister Heinrich are kept in a special chamber in a stasis field and he still looks like he died only yesterday .

The Galactic Knights believe that the Emperor is the only human being that followed their deity to the fullest and therefore is the human with the greatest psychic power. Psychers / Librarians are not recruited into the order according to the founding under Primarch Dorn.

First member of the 5th Gruppe 1st Gefechtskompanie, Galactic Knights, Space Marine Chapter

Here is Bruder Ägidius of the 5th Gruppe 1st Gefechtskompanie. The Hellblaster Gruppe of the 1st Zug ( Platoon) .


And here is some more info about the Galactic Knights Chapter:


The Galactic Knights wear a completely white set of power armour. As the chapter is very old there are many different types of power armour in use at the same time. The latest is the Type X armour used by the Primaris marines of the Chapter. These are currently only deployed in the 2nd Gefechtskompaniekompanie.

The marines wear the Chapter icon, a black cross ( Krückenkreuz) superimposed by a yellow shield showing a black eagle on the left shoulder pad. The Krückenkreuz is the true chapter icon the yellow shield with the black eagle is the heraldry of the Germania system. It was adopted into the chapter icon after the Ordo Teutonicus chose its homeworld in the Germania System. So very old dreadnoughts might still show the old icon.

On the right shoulder pad the tactical sign in black is worn. These are like in the Codex Astartes.

The Gefechtskompanie is indicated by a shoulderpad rim in company colour. Here the Galactic Knights follow the codex astartes again but as the armour is plain white the 1st Gefechtskompanie wears black as colour. As the first is the elite company according to the Codex Astartes they wear black helmets instead of white ones, as all elite Marines in the chapter do. So the colors of the Gefechtskompanies are as follows:


1st Gefechtskompanie     black ( also black helmets)

2nd Gefechtkompanie yellow

3rd Gefechtskompanie   red

4th Gefechtskompanie   green

5th Gefechtskompanie   dark blue

6th Gefechtskompanie   orange

7th Gefechtskompanie   violet

8th Gefechtskompanie   grey

9th Gefechtskompanie   sky blue

10th Gefechtskompanie brown

As the Galactic Knights Gefechtskompanies are self-sufficient at all times they have their own Scout Gruppen. These wear the company colour broken by white stripes. There is no Scout Company and no support companies like in the Codex Astartes. The 10 Gefechtskompanies are similar to each other except for the 1st which is ,like in the Codex Astartes, the elite companie. The one with Terminator armour. The Galactic Knights amassed so much Terminator Armour that the complete 1st can be equipped as Terminators at the same time. The First Gefechtskompanie is also known as the Mondkrieger ( Moon warriors) . This commemorates that the Galactic Knights are the best void warriors you can find.

There are 10 Gruppen in each Gefechtskompanie these are designated by a cross in the corresponding colour worn on the right knee . Black for the 1st Gruppe, yellow for the 2nd, red for the 3rd, green for the 4th, dark blue for the 5th, orange for the 6th, violet for the 7th, grey for the 8th, sky blue for the 9th and brown for the 10th Gruppe.

All other insignia, like Terminator crosses etc, are like in the Codex Astartes.

The vehicles show the chapter icon, all other insignia follows the codex astartes.


Here is Bruder Timo of the 6th Gruppe 4th Gefechtskompanie , Galactic Knights

Here is the actual model I did the color test for my DIY Space Marine Chapter on . It is Bruder Timo of the 6th Gruppe 4th Gefechtskompanie.


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And here is some more fluff about the Chapter:


Whilst the Codex Astartes is the baseline we compare all Chapters to, it’s undeniable that some Chapters differ in their adherence to the sacred tome. But it’s important to note that according to the Insignium Astartes sourcebook, there are several versions of the Codex. Roboute Guilliman’s writings can be interpreted in different ways.

The Galactic Knights of the Ordo Teutonicus are a chapter following the Codex Astartes but not as closely as others. The reason for this is the function the Ordo has given itself during the founding under the first Hochmeister Heinrich. As the chapter not only liberates systems and planets from the xenos but also looks after re-establishing human settlements on the liberated planets he has to guard these planets against new xenos attacks. Therefore the Ordo Teutonicus has a force called the Landwehr. It is similar to Imperial Guard Regiments, which are stationed on the systems belonging to the Ordo Teutonicus. These are equipped following the conventions of the Imperial guard. The units are named after the planets they are stationed on.

The Galactic knights consist of 10 Gefechtskompanien. Each consisting of 2 Zügen with 5 Gruppen. The Dreadnoughts and other vehicles are assigned directly to the Gefechtskompanien . This is also true for the Chapters spaceships. So every Gefechtskompanie is a self-sufficient unit and can perform the assigned tasks on their own. These Gefechtskompanien are often working together with units of the Landwehr when defending planets against the xenos. People outside the Ordo Teutonicus speculate that there might be more then 10 Gefechtskompanien as there are so many planetary systems under guard by the Ordo Teutonicus, but if that is true no one knows.

The Galactic Knights’ chapter headquarter consists of the Hochmeister (Chaptermaster), a Großspittler ( Apothecary) and a Priesterbruder ( chaplain). The Hochmeister has a bodyguard consisting of 10 space marines in Terminator armour. These are known as the Eidbrüder , as they have sworn an oath to protect the Hochmeister at all costs.

A Gefechtskompanie is lead by a Kompaniemeister or short Meister. The equivalent of a captain in other chapters. The Gefechtskompanie is devided into two Züge with 50 Space Marines each. Each Zug is let by a Hochkomtur the equivalent of a Lieutenant in the Codex Astartes. The 5 Gruppen ( Squads) in each Zug are lead by a Komtur each. In codex Astartes chapters this would be the Sergeant. The Gruppe 1-5 is in the I Zug, the Gruppe 6-10 is in the II Zug. Aditionally every company can have one additional Gruppe of 10 Novizen ( Neophytes) these can belong to either Zug and are assigned as the Kompaniemeister sees fit.

If you want to read all the fluff I have written about the chapter so far go here

Bruder Helwart of the Galactic Knights

Here is the missing member of the 1st Gruppe 2nd Gefechtskompanie . Bruder Helwart. I will field the Primaris marines as 5 warrior squads for the moment . When the first Zug ( Platoon) is finished I might up them to 10 Marines per squad but I am not sure yet.

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Combat Doctrine

The Galactic Knights of the Ordo Teutonicus are very good void fighters. They have a big chapter fleet consisting of many ships. From small corvettes to big battleships. They love fighting in close quarter but also have the capability of long range fire support.

Their aim is the liberation of star systems from the xenos and re-establishing new human colonies on the freed systems. Their arch fiend are the Orks because they destroyed the first homeworld of the chapter.

They answered the call of the Last Wall with a 4 ship fleet, carrying parts of the 3rd Gefechtskompanie in support of the Imperial fists in their fight against the Beast.

To be continued