More Elefant grass

We had a game on my Vietnam war table at the weekend. I haven’t managed to sort the pictures I took so instead here are a few pictures of additional terrain pieces for the table. pictures of the game will follow during the week.

I build some strips of elephant grass to add to the elefantgrass I already have. I made them in the same way as the rest.

The pieces:


And with miniatures ( Empress marines) for size comparison:

In situ on the table:

Elefant Grass

As you can see here  I started to do some jungle terrain for my Vietnam games. What I missed so far are areas of Elefant Grass. While searching the web for an idea to represent Elefant grass in 28mm I came across artificial grass for gardens. you can find this as test pieces in gardening shops or online. The sample I got is about 2cm high. I started out to do some test pieces on 25 mm round MDF bases I happened to have available.


I cut of a 2cm wide strip of the grass and cut this up in lots of 2x2cm squares, then I glued

the grass squares to the mdd bases:


I then put some DAS modeling putty round the edges to hide them:

The miniature is a US Marine by Empress for size comparison. I think the grass is high enough.

I then put my usual basing grit on the bases and painted it:

I think they look quite nice for just being test pieces. Here they are together with my other jungle terrain, can you find Charly?