New stamps for representing stones on Styrodure and a template for roman doors and windows.

I got two stamps for texturing walls from MiniWorlds a italian company and a template for roman doors and windows. The two wall texturing stamps are only two examples there are many more on their web page.

Here is the first one: The MT 009 San marino type


This stamp is to be placed on a piece of Styrodure and pressed into it to imprint the stone layout into the Styrodure. You will get this:


Depending on the stability of the Styrodure, there are different grades of toughness, you might need a hammer to make this work ( like shown on the companies website. It took less then 5 minutes to do this. Doing the engraving by hand would take considerably longer.

Next up is the MT013 Siviglia type:

FullSizeRender 4

This is what you get after using :

FullSizeRender 5

Both stamps can be joint to produce bigger ares of stone on the Styrodure , just align them properly.

What I got too is a product called minimask. A stencil template to do roman arched windows and doors . Also from MiniWorlds. You use this to draw window and doors onto the Styrodure to cut them out later. One word of warning though the one I got was very fragile.

This is MM001 roman arches:


Excuse the bad picture . Better ones are on the companies website .

When you place them on the Styrodur you van use the one cm lines on the template to align them properly.

FullSizeRender 2

Here is what you get when you use both devices :

FullSizeRender 3


And together with the other template:

All in all a very good product . Recommended but using a hammer is necessary.

I will use these to build some buildings in the future so watch this space.

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