A new Stark Bowmen unit

When I was at Crisis in Antwerp in November I got one of the new boxes of plastic bowmen by Conquest games.


The figures are quite nice but it is very difficult to build them in a way that they look like shooting an arrow correctly. Normally the arrow arm is lifted up to the ear when you draw a bow ( I am an sports archer myself) but this is not really achievable with these minis. Anyway I gave them a try and started to build and paint a 12 men bow unit for my Stark Army ( for Dragon Rampant).

Here is the first bowman:


FullSizeRender 3

This is a strait build from the box except the hood which was added with some greenstuff. The grass tufts were made with the flock box I got for xmas. You can see a review on the terrain page.

More during the next days.


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