The first “human” wight of the white walkers

This is a former Lannister soldier resurrected as a wight by the white walkers.

The figure is build using an old GW skeli arm a Mantic skill head a fire forge shield and a Perry WotR body.

FullSizeRender 6

I am not so sure about the figures painting. He doesn’t look “cold” enough. What would you do differently? I am thinking about a blue/white wash?

The first wight for my White Walker army


This is a strait build out of the Mantic Skeli sprue. I painted him first as a test on painting decayed bone and blue eyes. Do you think this is  OK as I painted it ? What would you do differently? Please leave a comment!

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A White Walker force for my Dragon Rampant Games

I started to do a White Walker army for my GoT Dragon Rampant games. As I could get some White Walker lookalikes ,from Stronghold called Draugr of the North, I wanted to do some Wights for them . I used sprues from Mantic, their skelis, Perry,Fireforge, Gripping Beast and an old GW Skeli sprue . Of course greenstuff was used too.

Here is the force as build but not yet painted:

FullSizeRender Kopie

Here is each figure in a bigger picture:

A strait build out of the Mantic skeli sprue

This one is build from the Gripping Beast plastic dark age warrior set and a Mantic head. He will probably be painted as a former Stark warrior.

This figure is build out of a Mantic head and a Perry body and Arms. He will be painted as a former Lannister sergeant.

This is a strait build from the Mantic Skeli sprue. A dead resurrected war dog!

Another strait build from the Mantic Skelis . These will be painted with heraldry from lesser westerosi  houses.

Mantic Skeli body and Fireforge head. Another  former  Stark or Karstark .

Another two strait from the Mantic Skeli sprue.

Another Gripping Beast dark age warrior with an old GW Skeli head and greenstuff hair. Possibly another ex Stark warrior.

And another Fireforge Body with a Mantic head and greenstuff fur cape. Another poor northerner fallen to the White Walkers.

This is a concoction of old GW Skeli parts a Perry Body and a Mantic head . The the sleeve was done with greenstuff. This will be a former Glover.

And a build from a Fireforge Teutonic Infantry body and a Mantic head.( Sorry for the blury picture). Maybe a former Bolton.

And now to the White Walkers:

These are strait builds without any scratch building:

FullSizeRender 3

It will definitely take some time to paint them all. I will paint them in between other projects to get more variation onto the painting desk to keep the painting mojo up!