Water buffalo

Vietnam landscape without water buffalo ? As these animals can be found almost everywhere in Vietnam I needed some for my Vietnam war gaming table. The standing ones are from Empress miniatures the resting ones are 3D printed as is the chicken.



There will be more animals in the future dogs, pigs etc.

6 thoughts on “Water buffalo

  1. Did you ever play Red Alert 2? Some levels would have farm animals wandering around which the Soviet player could mind control and attach explosives too.. mind controlled wandering water buffalo time bombs could make for an interesting scenario! 😀


  2. You inspire me. I am going to add water buffaloes to my Vietnam game. I know they are ubiquitous. Back in the ’90s I worked for an IBM vice president who went to Bejing to peddle the emerging high speed (2G) networks to the government. He told me that he was in a bigwig’s office without heat in winter time and he could see from the window a farmer was plowing a paddy with a water buffalo and talking on an old 90s style cell phone. A clash of cultures.


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