Bruder Ewald Galactic Knight of the Ordo Teutonicus


This is Bruder Ewald member of the 2nd Gefechtskompanie, 1st Zug, 5th Gruppe (Hellblaster). As you can see Ewald is wearing the Chaptercross in Gruppe Color on his right kneecap. The dark blue denotes the 5th Gruppe.

Here is the rest of the Fluff about the Galactic Knights:


The Galactic Knights of the Ordo Teutonicus decend from Rogal Dorn and were created during the second founding when the Imperial Fists Legion was split up.

Rogal Dorn, also known as the Praetorian of Terra was the Primarch of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Legion. He was one of the twenty Primarchs created by the Emperor in the earliest days of the Imperium, just after the end of the Age of Strife. Despite being considered dead by the Imperium at large, Dorn’s status remains unclear. During the War of the Beast, the rediscovered Primarch Vulkan stated to Koorland that he would speak well of the Imperial Fist to Rogal Dorn.

The Imperial Fists were the VII Legion of the original twenty Space Marine Legions. The Legion remained loyal during the Horus Heresy, after which it was reorganised according to the Codex Astartes and divided into Chapters. , one of   them are the Galactic Knights. The Galactic Knights are recognised to be among the most loyal Chapters to the Emperor .

 The Galactic Knights were formed on Terra as part of the reorganisation of the Imperial Fists during the Second Founding, christening also the Soul Drinkers, Black Templars, and Crimson Fists. The Legion’s most fanatical battle-brothers composed the Black Templars while the more level headed members founded the Crimson Fists. The most secretive and monastic members excelling in void warfare were chosen as the founders of the Galactic Knights, when the VIIth Legion was split up into Chapters.

The Imperial Fists gene-seed possesses two unique characteristics that are expressed in physiological and the behavioral terms. Physiologically, the Chapter has lost two of the organs particular to Space Marines: the Betcher’s Gland, which allows the Marine to produce acidic spittle, and the Sus-an Membrane, which allows the Marine to enter a state of suspended animation. Behaviorally, the Imperial Fists are given to an obsession with conquering pain by force of will and discipline. The Chapter’s obsession with willpower and discipline is sometimes characterized as further involving a deep-seated drive towards self-sacrifice or penance.  This trait is often simplified as merely involving a stubborn disposition.

The Galactic Knights Chapter considers the behavioral characteristics of its geneseed to be both a strength and a weakness. On the one hand, such tendencies engender stubborn conduct on the battlefield and ensure battle-brothers are more likely to fight on despite terrible injuries. On the other hand, Imperial Fists may subconsciously invite such injuries and difficulty, which can imperil battle planning and lead to unnecessary risks of personnel and material. Along these lines, the Galactic Knights are noted to be reluctant to accept the possibility of defeat when retreating would be the wisest course of action. The Chapter consciously attempts to minimize the liabilities of these behavioral traits while maximizing the benefits.

The VII Legion was one of the few that recruited entirely from their homeworld and were the only formation to have recruited from across all of Terra, including areas where other Legions claimed exclusive “Rights of Tithe.” The founders oft he Galactic Knights were chosen from Jermani, a part of the former european continent on request of the founding Hochmeister Hermann. He wanted the members of the chapter to have their own, in chapter, language, known as Jerman.

The Galactic Knights recruits consistently possessed a taciturn nature and were quick to action but reserved in speaking. They are known for their quiet monastic behaviour. You will never hear a word spoken about what happens inside the chapter .

The homeworld of the Galactic Knights is the Moon Münster in the Germania sector. Furthermore some of the individual Gefechtskompanien, like the third, have been fleet-based since the first homeworld of the chapter had been destroyed by an Ork Waaagh .

The Chapter emphasizes its historic role as part of the VII Legion defenders of Terra and takes part in maintaining a coded sequence of alerts and signals to coordinate the rapid redeployment of the full forces of the VII Legion to reinforce Terra against attack if the contingency arises. This is called „The last Wall Protocol“. The protocol was enacted 1,500 years later during the War of the Beast. The third Gefechtskompanie was involved in the Campaign against the Beast on Ullanor. The rest of the Chapter fought in different systems against the “Slaughter Waaagh.”


Battle Cry

 -In Hoc Signo vinces-

 The Galactic Knights are known to go into battle shouting “ In Hoc Signo Vinces” . This is hight Gothic for “In this sign victorious” oder in the language of the Chapter “ In diesem Zeichen siegreich”. Which sign is ment is only known to the inner circle of the Galactic Knights Chapter of the Ordo Teutonicus.

So far the fluff of my DIY Space Marine Chapter. I will right more about the chapter and its campaigns in the future. There will be stories about specific members like the first Hochmeister Hermann or the Kompaniemeister Siegfried of the 3rd Gefechtskompanie during his exploits on Ullanor.


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