Ships for sale

Because of popular demand I generated a page for purchasing my ships.  Just bear in mind that the ships are meant for wargaming! These are no scale models intended to win building championships with! Just follow the link 1/300 ships for sale .


4 thoughts on “Ships for sale

  1. Hi, Thomas,
    Thank you for offering to sell copies of your excellent models.
    I’ve been admiring them since your first post.
    I’ll take one of each, please.
    Just let me know the total you need.
    I am in Colorado, USA.
    Address is:
    Mark Skansberg
    798 E Phillips Drive North
    Littleton, CO 80122

    Phone is: 303-995-0329.
    Sorry, I don’t know the country code.

    Email address is:

    I look forward to building them.


  2. Ok no problem I have to check the wight of the parcel when all are cast up , but I think postage will be around 16€. The price for all ships is 71€ is that ok for you?


    • Thank you for the prompt reply.
      Yes, that would be great.
      Do you want me to pay you now for 87€ (or is £ better? I don’t know where you are).
      PayPal OK?


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