The first halfmen unit

I started work on the first unit of my halfmen army . It is a militia unit. The unit is supposed to be made up of farmers living around the town of Gelsen-Kirchen. A town famous for its church  ( Kirche means church in german). It is lead by a very famous old warrior who fought many battles against the yellow Kobolds of Dort-Mund. In these battles he lost an eye and a leg but he still wants to get back into the fight.                            His name is Ass Hauer :


Here is the unit:


I started painting them yesterday so not much progress to be shown here. I will post new pictures as soon as I finished the first figures.

9 thoughts on “The first halfmen unit

  1. The horrors of Dort-Mund hold cannot be perceived by a sane human mind…many adventures succumbed to its vile darkness :P. Really looking forward to this taking shape. I love me some Halflings and I also like your light hearted approach to it.


  2. Lovely figures. I will definately getting a few of these when they on the open market. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
    My hobbits live around the hills of Dort-Mund and enjoy gardening, brewing beer and watching their local team play (their nickname ,as you know, is the yellow kobolds),
    I feel a little sorry for the Gelsen-Kirchen halflings as in the Shire gardening competion, they have not picked up a trophy in nearly 60 years 😉

    steam flunky


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