The Westfalia kickstarter miniatures arrived!!!!!


The Halfmen from Westfalia Miniatures arrived the other day!!! Thank you Kawe the figures are little gems indeed! As you can see above my kickstarter order was quite large. I will build a Dragon Rampant army with 9 units. 1 spear armed one , 1 helebard armed one, one peasant one , one bow unit, one goat rider unit, the paymaster on giant, a mixed spear and bow unit, a sorcerer with acolyte , and Dietrich von Schalke the army general. So a lot to paint and glue. This project will take me through the winter month and then right on time for the next GoT season I will do more of the human type of fantasy figures!

So here are the figures I got:


The army general


The paymaster on giant


The sorcerer with his acolyte


The goat riders


the peasants


the archers


the helbardiers


and the spearmen

Of course I have figures for the leaders musicians and banner bearers for each unit. Next up will be pictures of the units when I built the figures.

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