Flag Tutorial: Making Cloth Flags

I found this tutorial on the unlucky General blog very interesting indeed!


“I take a fair bit of effort to create my own flags. I see many people’s armies and units whose flags are an afterthought, an inconvenience or a nuisance step in the process to paint up a unit of toy soldiers and get them on that table. I get it completely. Many of us probably think it’s too fiddly or that we feel unable to compete with the level of detail commercially produced flags can achieve through the printing process. In many ways this is neither wrong nor unreasonable but I’d like to make the case for making your own flags and provide a crude how-to for what I am doing these days.” The Unlucky General.

To read the complete tutorial visit the Unlucky General

Very good tutorial on Painting Skin

While I was surfing the internet I found a very good easy to follow tutorial on painting faces and hands. I was looking for this kind of tutorial as I want to change my method of painting skin. The tutorial is by Wargames , Soldiers and Strategy and can be found on you tube, or below for your convenience.

Hope you find it as useful as I did. I will ad more of these videos when I find others on the net , which might be useful to you and me.