I see purple smoke

Last year I build a burning smoke grenade in the classic way, by using an armature and self made colored upholstery foam. You can read about this here.

Now As I got a 3D printer last year and I acquired some STL files for smoke effects like missile exhaust , explosions etc from Deadly Print Studio I tried there smoke marker STL . I modified the file a bit to get different sizes of smoke . Then I printed them out based them in the usual way and added a little smoke grenade. Here are the results:

These are the two designs you get from Deadly Print.

Now I combined them in Tinker CAD to make these:

The miniature is an Empress Miniature added for size comparison .

Here are some more pictures:

What do you think which is better ?

“Do you see orange smoke? Over”

When you read about the Vietnam war or watch documentaries or movies about the conflict, you see or read about colored smoke for designating LZ or friendly lines to allow fast movers or gunships to work the enemy position. I wanted to have a marker like this for my games. Just to show that a FO ordered aircraft support.

I build a base and a skeleton out of plastic card like you can see here:

Then I painted the base like I paint all my terrain and painted the skeleton black. Sorry no pictures. After that i started gluing flocking material onto the skeleton with white glue or wood glue. You get something like this then:


At the left hand bottom corner of the picture you see the little smoke grenade which produces the smoke. Little plastic rod painted accordingly . I produce my flocking material by myself to safe some money and get different colors. To see how I do this go here.

Here are some more pictures:

And on the gaming table:



I think it works quite well. No to do some different colored ones.