Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a happy new year!


Thank you for visiting my blog so often. I hope to bring on more interesting new content throughout the new year. So stay tuned and come back as often as you like. I hope Santa has lots of new figures to paint and build for you all! See you next year !


Merry Christmas

I want to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy prosperous new year.


Furthermore I would like to thank you all for your support of my blog. For liking and sharing what I published. There will be a lot more to come in 2016. I am thinking about including tutorial videos about painting and modifying miniatures, terrain building and wargaming. Furthermore I would like to do some interviews with the big names in the hobby .

So if you think you should be interviewed drop me a line 🙂


The pictures of father christmas and his ,probably freezing, helper are quite old and I couldn’t take new ones as I gave the figures to good friends. So excuse the rather bad lighting!

So again Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year!!!