Perry Miniatures Agincourt Mounted knights 1415/1429

The Perry twins are going to release a new set of mounted knights for the agincourt area. these can be preordered from there website from now on . Release is in January 2019.



And the frame:


Horses are the same then in the other mounted knights boxes.

Perry Agincourt sets ready to preorder!


Two Plastic Agincourt sets available for PRE-ORDER!

Both Agincourt French Infantry and Agincourt Foot Knights sets will be released on the 22nd February, however we may get some in a little before…….
To pre-order just order as normal and when we get them in we’ll send them to you. Your card will be charged when you put the order in.
If you buy 3 boxes (either the same or a mix of both) or more, direct from us you will receive a Joan of Arc figure shown here.
Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29

This set contains 36 infantry and 6 men at arms/knights. The infantry are armed with spears, crossbows, double-handed weapons and hand weapons. The men at arms have pole arms, hand weapons and cut-down lances/spears. All the figures in this box can actually be used for any Western European army of the period as the clothing and armour styles were very similar. The components of this set can also be mixed with the English Army boxed set (AO 40). Although the men at arms are specifically designed for the 1415-29 period, the infantry could be used for the 1390’s through to the 1430’s/40s.
Figures designed by Alan Perry
Box contains: 42 figures, bases, banners and painting guide.

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Agincourt Foot Knights 1415-1429

The figures in this box represent both English and French knights/men at arms from the height of the Hundred Years War. They can actually be used for any Western European Army of this period as similar fashions in armour and clothing stretched across Europe at this time. The figures are armed with polearms, hand weapons and cut-down lances/spears. All the figures are wearing plate armour, half of which are covered in coat armour .
Figures designed by Alan Perry
Box contains : 36 figures, bases banners and a painting guide.

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Here are some more pictures:

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