A three wheel Lambretta

As I am slowly working on my cityscape of Hue, for the Tet 1968 offensive, I needed some of these vehicles. The three wheelers were and are often seen in Vietnam. As taxi, bus or van stand in. I got a 3D file from Wargaming 3d for a 3 wheeler Lambretta bus. This was printed with my Photon resin printer and then painted in the usual manner. I tried the weathering pencils from AK interactive for the rust effect. I think it works quite well.

The Lambretta sign is printed on paper, varnished with an airbrush and then fixed to the vehicle. I think it looks rather battered and old but thats the look I wanted to get. Now a driver or passengers would be nice. Couldn’t source any till now. Next up a cargo version of the Lambretta.

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