The Tactica 2018 picture report, part I

The Tactica 2018 which was held on the 24th and 25th of Feb. 2018 in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg is over. Another great event with lots of familiar and new faces. There were really good demo and participation games as well as a lot of traders. As the venue is quite small, everything that would possibly fit in was crammed into it. The parking was a problem again as every year  as the venue car park is just to small. But as far as I know it would be a financial hazard to go to another venue as all other bigger ones are really big ones and therefore quite expensive. Anyhow another splendid show gone by, I will be back next year definitely.

And now the promised picture report. The traders and the crowed:

The attending sculptors and their work:

The Games:

Paper wargaming:

Game of Thrones:

Full Thrust:

Paunsdorf und Schönfeld , The Battle of Leipzig 1813:


Zama, Hannibal against Scipio

The League of Augsburg:

Other games:

Duell in the south:

Another overview of different games:

Freebooters fate:

Bonny Prince Charly:

Princess Viktoria Louise:


Frankfurter Beer fight:

The second part of the pictures will follow tomorrow!





2 thoughts on “The Tactica 2018 picture report, part I

  1. Thank you for the pics. I enjoyed my first Tactica, but forgot to take some myself. There was much on offer and one highlight for e were the Pigment Pirates workshops on both days. I hope I can make it back next year. I actually didnt manage to participate in nay games, but watching people play on the beautiful tables while shopping, chatting etc. was a treat.

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