My new Camera

I got myself a new camera, the Sony Alpha 7.


I know that you can get a newer model but this one was quite cheap for the value you get. I took the first pictures with it yesterday, using a spacer ring for macro pictures. Here are the pictures of “Squigloover” my gretchin herder:




The pictures were taken without a flash and only with the normal lighting of my hobby room no lightbox or additional lighting was necessary. The lens I used was a 50mm fixed focal lens by Sony and a macro spacer ring. I think the pictures are quite nice, at least much better the the ones taken with my iPhone ( all the other pictures on this blog). What do you think?

9 thoughts on “My new Camera

  1. Looking very nice. I am still using my iPhone for the blog. I seem to get ok pictures for the distance I use. I don’t know if I want to see how bad my painting would look under that much zoom πŸ€“. Yours came out real good.

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  2. Sometimes I can get a decent pic with my iPhone, other times I’m not happy with it at all. I’ve gone back and forth between setting up lighting, Lightbox, etc. but I wish it was easier. I guess on the plus side, once I snap the shot, I can quickly upload it to WordPress through the app. I agree with steinbergshedspace on worrying how bad my paint jobs would look magnified. Eek! Sure are really nice photos though….

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