Bruder Helwart of the Galactic Knights

Here is the missing member of the 1st Gruppe 2nd Gefechtskompanie . Bruder Helwart. I will field the Primaris marines as 5 warrior squads for the moment . When the first Zug ( Platoon) is finished I might up them to 10 Marines per squad but I am not sure yet.

FullSizeRender 6


Combat Doctrine

The Galactic Knights of the Ordo Teutonicus are very good void fighters. They have a big chapter fleet consisting of many ships. From small corvettes to big battleships. They love fighting in close quarter but also have the capability of long range fire support.

Their aim is the liberation of star systems from the xenos and re-establishing new human colonies on the freed systems. Their arch fiend are the Orks because they destroyed the first homeworld of the chapter.

They answered the call of the Last Wall with a 4 ship fleet, carrying parts of the 3rd Gefechtskompanie in support of the Imperial fists in their fight against the Beast.

To be continued


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