I used old TSS tiles to build Hill contours

The next project in my terrain refurbishing project was creating a hill contour to elevate the terrain another 4 cm ( the hight of a tile) . I will use these to represent contour lines on the table like on maps.


On this picture you can see the old tiles . These were donated by my good friend Simon. Thank you again Simon!

The white slabs of Styrene will be the conectors between the different tiles to make the contours modular. They were shaped with a template and cut with a hot wire cutter. This is the template in action:


Here you can see the hill contour build up with styrene and cork bark:

And in another configuration:

Next step was to add ready mixed filler:

That is how far I got last weekend. I have another 7 tiles to do. I will add pictures to the blog when I do the next step.

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