“Wughaz Ironsnaggahs Killaboyz”

When I went to Crisis 2017 I came across the company Macrocosm and their Scifi range. They do quite nice space Orks , a bit like the 80th stuff from GW/Citadel. They are a bit bigger then the GW plastic Orks , but they can be used together. I liked them a lot so that I bought some. Now I started building and painting them up . So here is the first of Wughaz Ironsnaggahs Killaboyz: His name is Uzmogg



I hope you like him. There will be nine more Figures in this unit including a weird boy and Kapitan Ironsnaggah himself .

4 thoughts on ““Wughaz Ironsnaggahs Killaboyz”

  1. Nice brushwork. I painted a set of citadel space orcs many years ago (25 years ago…! Gulp) and although they have long since been sold off I remember them very fondly.

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    • In the old lore of the Warhammer 40000 Orks they wanted to have facial hair and normal hair. But as Orks don’t have hair they use little hairy squigs as hair by attaching them to their face and head. As squigs come in different colors and this is a death skull clan Ork he choose a blue squig. The figures are in 28mm

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