Kiepen Con 2018


I have been to the Kiepen Con in Münster Germany yesterday. a new convention now in its second year. Very nice little con with beautiful games and an x wing tournament. This year there were so many games that there was literally no space left for a bring and buy which they had last year. Here are pictures of the venue:

Now the games:

A very beautiful blood and plunder game:

A Steinhagel ( a german rules system) game:







A very well done Dungeon quest game;


Of gods and mortals:

Daleks in Münster:

The bring and buy:


The x wing tournament in full swing:


A very good little convention in the heart of the Münsterland . I am pleased we have a convention so near to my hometown now. I think maybe next time the venue should be a bit bigger to let a bring and buy be possible again. Maybe a few more traders would be nice. I will be definitely back next year.

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