To make something as clear as possible

Normally my blog is a pure hobby blog. No politics what so ever! But I have to write this text here as I am quite upset about reactions on Facebook about pictures and caption Text I posted there . The pictures show the first three finished Space Marines of my DIY chapter. You can see them here:

You can read the caption texts here, here and here.

In complete ignorance ( of course my fault) I gave them the name White Knights and based them on the fraternity of the medieval German crusader Knights. So they are white and display a black cross. The cross I chose for them is a so called Krückenkreuz to set them apart from the Black Templars chapter who display a maltese cross.

So far so good I thought. Now what happened on Facebook was this: I was accused of being right wing white and would be close to the KKK as they are also known as White knights which I didn’t know.

So to put it right: I have nothing to do with the KKK and I am far from being rightwing, as people who know me personally will tell you right away!

To set this right I have renamed my chapter. They will no longer be known as White Knights but as Galactic Knights from now on. Alas I will keep the background story as I am from Germany and I wanted to do a chapter of Space Marines who have a german background.

I hope this sets it strait and I can return to my hobby now . Politics off!


7 thoughts on “To make something as clear as possible

  1. Even if understandable it is ridiculous how generalized this can be by Facebook. I love the models and the very back story you have chosen. Could always go for Argent Knights to keep with the white colour of the marines. Nice paint job overall!

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  2. It’s a sad time when you have to defend your freaking Warhammer minis from accusations of white supremecy. The first thingtha popped to my mind was “cool” not “racist”


  3. Tom,I am afraid that whatever you do will not prevail over stupidity. In countless facebook pages about miniature modelling you see thousands model/figures sporting the swastika and/or SS and the comments are hou wonderful the skill of the modeller is, but, only you are the one promoting right wing ideas through your hobby. Please continue to make your beautiful minis, and have a blast


  4. I’m not suprised, but it’s still too bad. It’s nearly impossible it seems to create something that does not tie back to real life in a negative way. It’s the sad state of the world.

    That being said, people need to remember this is a game, and we are trying to escape reality for a bit, not make political statements with the game.


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