First posting in 2016

I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year! Thanks for your support in 2015 again. I had more then 13000 visitors on the blog. As I started the blog in late March last year I think this is quite a lot!!! Thanks again !

Now here is my last sergeant for my Stark mounted sergeants unit:


I hope you like him. Next up will be pictures of the complete unit.



2 thoughts on “First posting in 2016

  1. Nice!

    How do the minis suit Lion Rampant?

    Must confess the Lannisters look fancier, but damn if the Starks are way closer to my heart.

    We tried SAGA for Japan, but the abilities weren’t really up to par with the ambientation.


  2. I played one game using Lion Rampant. It is quite nice to use for GoT. But I think Dragon Rampant ,which I got for xmas, is better suited as you can feel single figure heroes and special figures like dire wolfs.
    I will write a review when we play the first game so expect more to hear about Dragon Rampant and GoT!


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