This was 2020

So only a few more hours to go… Then the year 2020 is history. It was a really special year for everybody and for us wargamers and figure collectors. The COVID-19 pandemic had a very heavy impact on all of us.

I am in tears about all the loss of life, all over the world due to the pandemic…..

I hope that you, my dear readers and your families, are well and stay well in the future.

Due to the pandemic we had no possibility to meet like we normally do at our conventions like Salute, Crisis or Tactica. As all these meetings did not happen there was more time then in the last years to finish some projects in isolation. I managed to build a big Vietnam War project and had a few Star Wars Legion games with my son during the last month. I started 3D printing which added a complete new dimension to my hobby.

So here are some pictures of the things I did this year, concerning our beloved hobby:

So I hope this is a big enough view back into the year 2020.

I wish you all a prosperous and ,above all, healthy new year 2021, stay safe and hopefully meet you again soon when circumstances allow ….

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