My Sons Figures

My son also paints miniatures for quite a few years now.  I think he is quite good at it. He is also a huge Star wars fan and plays a lot of Imperial Assault lately.

And another Rebel character:

freb1 freb2 freb3 freb4

Here are two iconic characters from Star Wars. R2D2 and C3PO. These figures are really nice and paint up quite nicely.

Here are the two friends together:


Here is C3PO:


and here is R2D2:

R2D2e R2D2d R2D2c R2D2b R2D2a

Another Rebel character, a Wookie:

wooki4 wooki3 wooki2 wooki1

Another Rebel character from the Imperial assault game:

rebel4 rebel3 rebel2 rebel1

More of the evil empire. Heavy blasters:

heavyblaster1 heavyblaster2 heavyblaster3 heavyblaster4 heavyblaster5 heavyblaster6

Here you see the painted Luke Skywalker:

Luke1 Luke2 Luke3 Luke4

My son finished Chewbacca yesterday . I think he looks the part:

chewie1 chewie2 chewie3

And here he is together with his best pal Han Solo


And some new figures:

First of Han Solo ( Figures again from Imperial Assault)

Han Solo1 Han Solo3 Han Solo4 HanSolo2

And a very vicious predator complete with blood from the last meal:

Tiere1 Tiere2 Tiere3 Tiere4 Tiere5

Hope you like them!


So the first pictures I show you here are Imperial Assault figures painted by him.

First of all Stormtroopers:

storm1 Storm2 singelstorm2 Singelstorm1

Imperial guard:

Impguard1 Impguard2

Imperial officers:

officer4 officer3 officer2 officer1


drones2 drones1

IG 88



Warriors4 Warriors3 warriors2 Warriors1

Here the matt varnish somehow wasn’t really matt . They will get a second coat.

And last for now Darth Vader:

darth3 darth4

darth2 darth1

I hope you like his painting! Altogether the figures by Fantasy Flight Games are very easy to paint as they are really nice sculpts.

More to come!

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