The streets for Hue

In one of the last posts I showed you a house I did for my Hue project. You can see it here. If you build a city you need some groundwork to place it on. As my terrain tiles are all grassland and not suited for a build up environment. I started building thin overlays as ground for the city/village. I will build streets running over the rest of the terrain in a similar way later.

I got myself some foam board sheets (PVC), like they are used by sign makers, you get them in the WWWor as waist from sign makers if you ask politely.

The sheet as it comes and cut to the right size, in my case roughly a foot by a foot.

I then added sand as texture, you can use white glue to fix the sand .

The sand added, make sure it is even as otherwise the buildings won’t sit flush on the base.

Then I added the usual paint I use for all my ground work like bases, around buildings and other vegetation.

Here a lighter dry brush is still missing.

So you get the result you can see below. As the tiles are very thin( but not warping) you can take them with you to other locations quite easily. As you can see on the picture. The setup is on our dining room table and not on my usual gaming table in the basement. This could be a nice lockdown project as you get everything you need on the net.

The finished base tiles

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